2nd BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

Monday / 18.09.2017

I Love Korea 2017

Wednesday / 28.06.2017

Nissan Golf Tournament

Sunday / 14.05.2017

BMW Family Cup

Saturday / 29.04.2017

Mtel Golf Masters at "St. Sofia"

Sunday / 23.04.2017

I Love Korea

Saturday / 29.10.2016

Bulgaria vs the Rest of the World

Sunday / 23.10.2016

Ladies League Series Final

Wednesday / 05.10.2016

Bulgarian Golf Tours Trophy

Saturday / 01.10.2016

BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

Saturday / 17.09.2016

Four Friends Winners Wine Dinner

Monday / 27.06.2016

First Lucaffe Golf Tournament

Sunday / 08.05.2016

Voyage Golf Cup – Discover Greece

Saturday / 23.04.2016

Mtel Golf Masters 2016

Sunday / 17.04.2016

Beginners Golf

Monday / 26.10.2015

The third DB Schenker Golf Open

Tuesday / 01.09.2015

Mtel Golf Masters 2015

Monday / 27.04.2015

Volvo World Golf Challenge 2014

Monday / 13.10.2014

DB Schenker Golf Open 2014

Monday / 22.09.2014

Mandjoukov Senior Cup

Wednesday / 20.08.2014

Peugeot Golf Tour

Tuesday / 15.07.2014

Pro Shop Christmas Sales

Monday / 09.12.2013

Mini Cup 2013 Finals

Friday / 08.11.2013

Golfino Fashion Show

Friday / 11.10.2013

Rules and etiquette

Wednesday / 09.10.2013

Change in the Working Time

Monday / 28.10.2013

DB Schenker Golf Open 2013

Monday / 23.09.2013

First Peugeot Golf Tour International

Wednesday / 21.08.2013

Vivacom Grand Opening

Monday / 05.03.2012

Domaine Boyar Golf Challenge

Monday / 01.10.2012

First Straldjanska GOLF CHALLENGE

Tuesday / 26.06.2012

Second Bulgarian Golf Tours Trophy Tournament

Sunday / 08.10.2017

66 players teed off in the second edition of the Bulgarian Golf Tours Trophy tournament, which took place on October 7th at St. Sofia Golf Club. Due to the heavy rain and strong wind only 43 of them managed to play all 18 holes and to participate in the final ranking.

In Division A, Brian Davis won the first place with 35 points. He also grabbed the Nearest to the pin prize on the 12th hole, which gave him a VIP pass for two for the Garanti Koza Sofia Open tennis tournament in 2018. His runners-up became Ivan Ivanov with 33 and Oleg Chernev with 29 points.



The ranking in Division B was topped by Iliya Kirchev with 40 points, followed by Momchil Shishkov with 38 and Svetoslav Stankov with 36 points.

Boyko Angelov won the competition in Division C with 43 points, followed by two ladies – Ana Desimirova with 34 and Nikolina Furnari with 31 points.

In addition to the trophies, all winners also received bottles of first-class Dragomir wine.

The real rain of prizes, however, poured out during the raffle, organized by Bulgarian Golf Tours and their partners. The lucky ones received vouchers for golf vacations in different parts of Europe, others got golf hats, umbrellas, and golf balls.