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I Love Korea 2017

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BMW Family Cup

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Mtel Golf Masters at "St. Sofia"

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Bulgaria vs the Rest of the World

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Ladies League Series Final

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Bulgarian Golf Tours Trophy

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BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

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Four Friends Winners Wine Dinner

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First Lucaffe Golf Tournament

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Beginners Golf

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Rules and etiquette

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Change in the Working Time

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DB Schenker Golf Open 2013

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First Peugeot Golf Tour International

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Vivacom Grand Opening

Monday / 05.03.2012

Domaine Boyar Golf Challenge

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First Straldjanska GOLF CHALLENGE

Tuesday / 26.06.2012

Two NISSAN Bulgaria tournaments at St. Sofia Golf Club

Monday / 01.06.2015

Two golf tournaments organized by NISSAN Bulgaria – for juniors and for adults – were played over the weekend 30-31 May at St. Sofia Golf Club. For the second consecutive year the automobile importer hosted one of the most exciting golf competitions, thus supporting the development of golf in the country.


84 players took part in the adults competition on Sunday, which was played in Stableford format in two handicap divisions. Zhivko Tenev won the first place in Division A with 38 points and Bruce Burton (43 points) topped the ranking in Division B. Both winners received from the sponsor vouchers for a five-day golf vacation. Second in Division A ranked Lyubomir Mintchev with 37 points and third –Grisha Chernev with the same score. In Division B runner-ups were Dimitar Georgiev (42 points) and Yanaki Yanakiev (42).

The Longest Drive prize went to Stefan Kralchev, and Nearest to the pin – to July Botev. Germana Ivanova was the Best lady golfer of the day.

On Saturday, 25 children competed in two divisions for prestigious prizes. In the Boys ranking in Division A Lyubomir Kostov (18) came first with the amazing 68 strokes. According to the rules of the tournament, however, the grand prize – participation in the Turkish Open Championship was eligible to players under the age of 18, so the honor to represent Bulgaria went to Assen Mihailov, who finished second with 70 strokes. Third was Ryan Staykov by 76 strokes.


In the Girls ranking in Division A first ranked Sofia Seldemirova (72 strokes), who will also travel to the Turkish Open. Her runner-ups were Ivana Simeonova with 75 and Stephanie Skokanska with 89 strokes.

In Division B Matthew Stanic – 38 points won the Boys competition, followed by Dennis Detchev – 34 points and Hristo Yanakiev – 34 points. The Girls ranking was topped by Maya Hendaya – 31 points, Magdalena Borisova – 27 points and Christina Busheva – 17 points.


The funds raised from the entry fees for the tournament on Sunday, were donated by NISSAN Bulgaria to the Bulgarian Golf Association to support the participation of Asen Mihailov and Sofia Seldemirova in Turkish Open.

In both tournament days children and parents had the opportunity to make their first steps in golf with the professional teacher of the club. NISSAN Bulgaria also provided the latest car models for a test drive.

Nissan Junior Golf Tournament 2015
Nissan Golf Tournament 2015